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~ Liam, Head Brewer


 How it all began

Our journey started when our Head Brewer and founder, Liam, travelled the deep south of the USA. He discovered an abundance of quality beer, which was incomprehensible and beyond his wildest dreams. As fortune would have it, Liam was gifted a homebrew set-up from a good friend on the day he returned to Australia. It was in that seemingly innocent moment that an idea was born.

Liam had had previous experience roasting and making coffee. He used that basic knowledge and drew inspiration from everywhere, and attempted any flavour combination he could imagine. After about a year of recipe development, Liam was satisfied with his take on a pale ale, which he called the original ale. The original ale is now one of our most popular and flagship beers. Its American wheat base gives it a unique beer head and aromatic nose.  It is also his way of paying tribute to where it all began.

Since that fateful day, Gypsy Fox has expanded and set up roots in North Richmond, where all the beers are manufactured and sold on-site.



Liam’s mission has always been to produce the highest quality beers with the most unusual flavour combinations. Ideally, each sip should be a surprising experience that makes you question how.

Gypsy Fox remains confident that it will continue to push the boundaries of flavour combinations while remaining true to its mission. We aim to continue collaborating and hope to inspire the next evolution of craft beer.

Follow our journey on all the socials, and be sure to share any flavour combinations you would like us to attempt. If you are ever in North Richmond, please drop by and try our original ale straight out of the tanks.

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