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~ Liam & Maree


Liam: The Brewmaster

At the heart of our brewing operation stands Liam, a true craft beer aficionado. With a deep passion for the art and science of brewing, Liam is the driving force behind our flavourful creations. His journey into the world of craft beer began as a hobby, which quickly evolved into a lifelong pursuit. Liam's unwavering commitment to quality and innovation led him to hone his brewing skills with the Badlands team, where he delved into the intricacies of brewing, learning the trade tricks and techniques that would later define our brand.

​Liam's approach to brewing is a testament to his belief that "anything is possible." His innovative spirit and keen palate for flavour profiles have allowed us to craft unique brews. Whether experimenting with new ingredients or perfecting our time-tested recipes, Liam's dedication to pushing the boundaries of brewing has been instrumental in our journey.

Maree: Accounts manager 

Maree brings a unique perspective to the brewing world. Her background is in engineering. She brings an analytical and logical mindset, which adds a distinctive touch to the brewery's operations. 

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