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~ Liam, Head Brewer


 How it all began

Once upon a time, the tale of Gypsy Fox Brewery unfolded with Liam, our intrepid founder, embarking on a journey that took him deep into the heart of the southern United States. Amidst the landscapes and cultures, Liam stumbled upon a revelation—a treasure trove of high-quality beers that surpassed even his lofty expectations.

Destiny took a hand when, upon his return to Australia, a serendipitous gift found its way to Liam—a homebrewing kit, a thoughtful offering from a friend. Little did Liam know that this seemingly ordinary gesture would catalyse what we now know as Gypsy Fox Brewery.


Drawing from his roasting and crafting coffee background, Liam seamlessly applied his skills to the brewing world. Inspired by his diverse world, he embarked on a year-long odyssey of experimentation, crafting, and refining. The culmination of this labour of love was the birth of the "Original Ale," a pale ale with an American wheat base.

With its distinctive beer head and aromatic nose, the Original Ale quickly rose to prominence, becoming not just a popular choice but the flagship beer of Gypsy Fox Brewery. This beer really is more than a beverage; it was Liam's heartfelt tribute to the place where his brewing journey had first taken root.

As time flowed like a well-poured beer, Gypsy Fox Brewery blossomed. It found its permanent abode in the vibrant locale of North Richmond. Here, amidst the hum of brewing machinery and the delightful aroma of hops, all our beers, including the renowned Original Ale, are crafted and served on-site.

The journey from a chance encounter with a homebrewing kit to the thriving brewery in North Richmond mirrors the passion and dedication that course through the veins of Gypsy Fox Brewery. Every pour and sip is a testament to the artistry, commitment, and unexpected turns that make our story uniquely ours.

So, here's to the spirit of serendipity, the love for craft, and the vibrant legacy of Gypsy Fox Brewery. Join us in raising a glass to the journey from the southern U.S. to North Richmond—where every beer tells a story and every story is crafted with care.



Liam’s mission has always been to produce the highest quality beers with the most unusual flavour combinations. Ideally, each sip should be a surprising experience that makes you question how.

Gypsy Fox remains confident that it will continue to push the boundaries of flavour combinations while remaining true to its mission. We aim to continue collaborating and hope to inspire the next evolution of craft beer.

Follow our journey on all the socials, and be sure to share any flavour combinations you would like us to attempt. If you are ever in North Richmond, please try our original ale.

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