We are a gypsy craft brewing company, located in the misty hills of the Hawkesbury, west of Sydney. We create a variety of sneaky brews for all Gypsies to enjoy.


Our Journey first started when our Head Brewer Liam Corr traveled the deep south of the USA. He discovered an abundance of quality beer which was incomprehensible. All of his life up to that point he had been forced to choose the same style of beer brewed by the same companies, mostly producing the same tastes. This sparked an idea and the possibility that  a new world of beer waiting to be discovered.  


As fortune would have it, the very day he returned to Australia, Liam was gifted a homebrew set-up from a good friend. Fuelled with the new tastes and experiences from his travel, Liam started experimenting, and so begun the back-yard shenanigans. Liam’s first success has elements of our most popular flagship beer the Original ale. That American wheat-based beer is his tribute to the adventures in the deep south and is what officially started Gypsy Fox. 


Prior to Liam launching the Original Ale, Liam met his now partner Maree. Together, they share an appreciation for good quality ales, within the same year as the Original Ale launch, they released the rest of the flagship core range, Petite Noir and Archetype.


Today Gypsy Fox continues to live up to it's name, working with Badlands Brewery and Rusty Penny Brewing to produce the quality ale you enjoy. We have also been fortunate to collaborate with Brew Mountain Brewery and produced several unique limited ales. 


It is our mission to produce only high quality ales, that leaves you wanting more.